What are you turnaround times?

Websites are launched within 4-6 weeks. Branding is completed within 4 weeks. Email has a three-month minimum and is renewed at the beginning of every quarter. Before any renewal, I am happy to set you free to DIY or transfer in house, or I welcome you to continue on with me. My clients are like family; many of which I have celebrated up to 8 happy years together.

When can we get started?

A limited number of spots are available at a time, allowing for complete dedication and attention to your brand. Please contact me for current availability.

Please note: Q4 email spots go quickly, so please don’t delay on your holiday marketing.  

How do I book services?

Please contact me to schedule a call to discuss your business goals. I love to hear about where a business has been and where it’s going! You’ll also have the opportunity to ask me questions and confirm we make a great team. You’ll sign paperwork and pay a retainer to save your spot on my calendar. I’ll send resources and homework so you can get brainstorming right away!

What platform do you use for websites?

WordPress and Shopify are my preferred platforms. Depending on your unique needs, I will propose the perfect solution to ensure your website wishlist is met, and the backend is capable and efficient for your growing business.

Can I keep my hosting account?

That depends on what website platform we decide is best for your goals. WordPress can be used with any hosting provider. Shopify has hosting built into their platform so you will no longer need your own. If you’re looking for a new hosting provider, see my resources page for good options.

Will I be able to update my website?

Yes! I will do 1-1 training with you and your team to ensure you feel confident updating and adding content, images, products, and blog posts. You will also receive a pdf cheatsheet for reference.

Can I use my logo on t-shirts?

Yes! You can use your logo just about anywhere. You will have a collection of files that are compatible for print and digital use. I will share an organized dropbox folder with you so you can easily pull what you (or your printer or developer) need anytime. A usage document will explain what filetype is best in each situation.

Can you help me build my email list?

At the start of your email marketing set, we’ll dissect your current strategy if you have one, and optimize your list building efforts. I will ensure that the collection process is on point and share coaching advice on ways to increase your audience.

Can I keep my email marketing account?

Most likely. Most modern email marketing providers have the features needed to effectively run our strategy. If not, I will recommend an alternative provider. See my resources page for good email marketing options.